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Payroll Process Outsourcing Company :-

Payroll outsourcing is the convenient process of delegating the process of payroll administration to a third-party with expertise in the process. The primary advantages of payroll outsourcing include reduced costs and better service. Mind Explorer Technology is one of the best providers of payroll outsourcing services in India. The in-house payroll and compliance management team uses latest technology and software. Payroll executives, in-house consultants for statutory compliance and accounts professionals who ensure smooth payroll cycle are all a part of our team. The Help Desk team is available online anytime to deal with any queries with a record response time.

How we work

Our team will assign an Account Manager from the payroll team to ensure smooth integration of the payroll service with your business processes. Our flexible service is designed to take into account your preferences, systems, and methods of working. The first step in the process is establishing a program of work for each pay cycle according to your company's requirements. You will be aware of the process at each stage, as Mind Explorer Technology (Capital) believes in complete transparency.

We will manage your entire payroll system to make sure secure and timely payment to employees each payday and also ensure that you meet your obligations as an employer.

Benefits of payroll outsourcing...

Payroll outsourcing consulting services are aimed at increasing the quality of your product and profitability in your business. Mind Explorer Technology provides end-to-end payroll processing solutions to ensure that your company gets both these advantages.

The process of payroll outsourcing helps companies file tax returns on time, eases the pressure of work related to payroll and helps you focus better on your core business. We simplify the complexities of the process by offering a highly comprehensive payroll processing service.

Why trust us

Error free payroll process

Helpdesk to support employee queries related to taxation & proofs within the stipulated TAT

On-site support to resolve queries related to Taxation and Investments at the end of the year

Customized MIS reports as per requirement

Customized ESS portal for the client with company logo on each page

Updates on new provisions in the Income Tax laws in India

Client's employee information remains fully confidential

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