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Constant fluctuation in the economy and the business ecosphere is changing the corporate mindset to shift focus from permanent hiring to temporary hiring by outsourcing. Outsourcing manpower and HR services have become a routine trend among companies these days. The ever-increasing demands of running a business leave companies with little to no time to dedicate to the process of screening hundreds of candidates and picking the best out of the lot. The process becomes time-consuming and companies prefer using their resources elsewhere. This is where a Manpower Outsourcing Company comes into the picture.

Why Mind Explorer Technology?

Flexible hiring process

Seamless Migration

Structured On-boarding

Payroll Management

Compliance Management

Tailor made Solutions

Mind Explorer Private Limited has quickly become the preferred partner for companies looking to lease employees or hire temporary staff. Large multinational companies, public sector companies, government organizations as well as ministries are increasingly using this method of employment to cut employment expenses, reduce long-term liabilities and meet the seasonal business increase in demand. The In-house Payroll and Compliance Management Team at Mind Explorer Technology ensure a smooth and error free monthly payroll cycle. The aim is to integrate smoothly into your company while maintaining continuity in the workforce.

How we worK...

We will begin the process by assigning a team member to be your Point of Contact/Account Manager with Mind Explorer Technology to ensure that our service complements your business. The flexibility in the service is created to ensure that the company's preferences, systems, and methods of working are duly respected. Based on your demands, we will create a process tailored specifically to your company. At each stage, you will know what you can expect from us. Our dedication to ensuring that our process integrates smoothly into your business makes us one of the best manpower consultants in Delhi.

Services we offer

Project based recruitment

Transfer of ad hoc employees.

Transfer of Contractual employees

In-house/On-site support of contractual employees for larger projects