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IT Manpower Outsourcing :-

If there is the need to do the best IT Manpower outsourcing, we are here at your service offering best possibilities in IT infrastructure and IT staffing. The corporate mindset is changing and inclining to offshore staffing services whereby entrepreneurs have been able to save on costs while simultaneously staying benefitted on all ends. The staffing service is reliable and cost-effective. The IT staff deployed is able to take up maintenance as well as administration tasks just anywhere.

When a client comes to us for outsourcing services, we are able to serve with trained staff who can work on a single project or on an ongoing basis. We help our clients to save on time and cost of hiring. Moreover, there remains no permanent liability on the manpower outsourced due to high flexibility in the hiring process. The staff hired is multi-dimensional due to their wide-array of skills and specialties.

It is our commitment to meet staffing needs for different projects and roles. This can be dedicated IT staff on hourly basis, daily basis, weekly or monthly basis. Senior developers and programmers are also hired based on their experience and expertise. Higher experience counts more in case of continuance of a project.

The size of total employee hired can also be increased depending on need without incurring hiring and recruiting expenses. In case of replacement of underperforming employees, it can be arranged immediately. Clients can also make their own selection from a resume data bank. After recruitment of the staff members, clients stay free from statutory obligations like provident fund, bonus, gratuity, and other compensation.

Our IT Manpower outsourcing is very effective where there is a shortage of manpower, or lack of the right skill sets and specialties. We help to bring the right employees in place to work on short assignments or long term plans based on priority. Low cost high quality manpower service is our aim. Start-ups as well as large networking companies are largely benefitted by our manpower outsourcing service.

Our module development and maintenance staffing allow placing skilled manpower to all types of IT firms irrespective of their location.

About of Outsourcing :-

Mind Explorer Technology Private Limited was established 2015 ago with the aim of providing world-class IT services to clients in various industries. From multinational companies to government organizations, and from ministries to public sector companies, clients from across the country trust Mind Explorer Technology Private Limited to offer outsourcing solutions for Manpower Outsourcing, Payroll Outsourcing, Statutory Compliance Outsourcing etc. With headquarters in Delhi, the company is successfully able to serve clients in North India and East India.

Mind Explorer Technology Private Limited has grown tremendously over the last three years at a rate of over 60% per annum. "The growth of the company is evident from the fact that Mind Explorer Technology Private Limited is fast emerging as the preferred partner for Employee Leasing and Temporary Staffing needs."

The team consists of consultants with a diverse range of experiences in a variety of domains and industries. Regardless of what your company is looking for; leaders, managers or entry-level employees, we have the resources, knowledge and expertise to provide you with the talent.

Customer satisfaction is at the center of Mind Explorer Technology Private Limited's business policy. Our clients define the quality we are expected to deliver.

The name Mind Explorer Technology Private Limited is indicative of the company's motto, to make sourcing manpower easier and hassle free when done the right way. The service-oriented approach adopted by the company ensures that we deliver above and beyond a client's expectations. No two clients have the same requirements and that is why our tailor-made process ensures complete satisfaction from the client's side. We believe in the policy of "repeat customers".

Our vision is to be a one-stop HR solution company for Contract Staffing, Manpower Outsourcing, Temporary Staffing, Permanent Staffing and Statutory Compliance Outsourcing.